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Annoucement 👋 Introducing Job Boardly

Jason Charnes Jason Charnes

Jason Charnes

👋 Say hello to Job Boardly, a service for launching custom job boards. 🤝

Creating a Job Boardly account gives you immediate access to a custom job board. You can start marketing your job board, gaining email subscribers, posting jobs, and earning money at your pace.

To make things sweeter, Job Boardly is free to use during beta. Before the beta ends you’ll receive plenty of notice and a special “early adopter” discount.

What’s next?

I’m focused on helping people create successful job boards- and it’s just getting started! Job Boardly will continue to improve and receive new features.

I want to hear from you, though.

Email me as you use Job Boardly. I want to hear what works and, more importantly, what could be better.

Build your job board.

Build a job board for your audience, niche, community, or company without writing a line of code. It's easy to get started.

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