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Annoucement ✨ Promoted and featured jobs

Jason Charnes Jason Charnes

Jason Charnes

Companies posting to your job board had only one option to choose from, a basic job post. 🥱 That’s boring, let’s change that.

Today, you have access to two new types job post types: promoted and featured. These are two new opportunites to make more money from your job board.

What is a promoted job post?

A promoted job post is highlighted in the list of job posts. Highlighting the job helps is stand out from other jobs.

An example of a highlighted job

What is a featured job post?

A featured job post is not just highlighted, it is first among other job posts. Whenever a new, unfeatured job is posted to your job board it will display below the featured jobs.

There’s a new “Job settings” page. From there you’re able to set the price and length of time a job is active for all three types of job posts: basic, promoted, and featured.

The job settings screen

Coming soon

There’s more features and improvements to your job board in the works. 👨🏻‍🍳 While I’m working on these updates, I’d love to hear more about your job board. Let’s chat!

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