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Job Boardly Support Add a custom domain

Your job board has a Job Boardly domain. But your job board can have multiple custom domains, too!

Adding the domain to Job Boardly

To add a custom domain go to Settings -> Domains in the Job Boardly backend.

Look for the “Add domain” button. Provide your domain name (without https://) and click “Add domain”.

Updating the DNS

If your domain is a root domain it is recommended to use CNAME flattening. In your DNS settings set your root domain value to

If your DNS provider doesn’t offer CNAME flattening you can set the value to This address could change, though, so I would highly recommend using CNAME flattening where possible.

If your domain is a subdomain, add a CNAME with the value of

Just email me

Listen, domains are confusing.

If you’d like some help with this don’t hesitate to email me. I’ll help you get it setup!

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