Job Boardly

Job Boardly Support Change email addresses

You control two email addresses:

  1. The email address for your Job Boardly account
  2. The email address a subscriber replies to when they get a Job Boardly email

Job Boardly Account

Your account email is used for:

  • Logging into Job Boardly
  • Receiving email notifications from Job Boardly
  • Receiving messages from your board’s contact form

To change this email address go to Settings -> Profile from the Job Boardly backend.

Reply-to Address

When a customer or subscriber receives an email from your board the email is sent from Job Boardly’s domain.

However, we send a special attribute that allows the recipients to click “reply” and auto-fill your email address.

By default, we’ll use your account email for the reply-to. If you’d like to change the email address recipients reply to, go to Settings -> Board settings from the Job Boardly backend. Update the “Reply-to email” field.

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