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Job Boardly Support Configure SEO

Your job board was designed with SEO in mind. One example is how Job Boardly is pre-configured to support Google Job Posts.

But there are still improvements you can (and need to) make for your job board.

Set a meta description

To set your boards meta description go to Settings -> Board settings in the Job Boardly backend. Look for SEO, fill in the meta description, and save the changes.

This description is used in your board’s meta description tag, except on job posts.

Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

If you haven’t already, create a Google Search Console for your job board. Once you’ve done that, make sure to submit your job board’s sitemap to Google Search Console.

To find your site map go to Settings -> Board settings in the Job Boardly backend. Under SEO you’ll find the sitemap. Copy it and follow the direction to add it the Search Console.

Doing this will help Google a) know about your job board and b) look for changes to your job board. This is handy when new jobs and pages are posted.

Job Boardly also notifies Google of changes to your job board, but having a Search Console account is more reliable on Google’s end.

Create pages on your job board

Use Job Boardly’s custom pages to create targeted, high-quality content for SEO.

Any page you create is added to your sitemap. If you’ve submitted your sitemap (as mentioned above) to Google, these page changes are reflected, as well!

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