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Job Boardly

Launch a job board for your audience, niche, community, or company without writing a line of code.

Earn money by connecting the job seekers and hiring managers in your audience.

Fully-functional out of the box

Get immediate access to a responsive, fully-functional, SEO-friendly job board. Spice things up by uploading your logo, changing the colors, and even updating the wording.

"Job Boardly is an awesome way for me to connect people in my audience looking for jobs with companies hiring."

Customer facing job board

Full control

You have full access to your job posts, email subscribers, and custom pages. Need to manually add a job? Go for it. Need to change the pricing of job posts? You got it!

Job board backend interface


And lots of them.

Everything you need to launch a job board.

Job posts

Control your board's job postings. Add new jobs, edit existing jobs, change job post pricing, and more.

Email subscribers

Grow your audience by collecting email addresses. We send a weekly summary to your subscribers.

SEO friendliness

Rank well on search engines. We integrate with Google job postings and keep your board SEO friendly.

Custom pages

Boost your SEO by adding unlimited custom pages to your job board. Use them for content or blogging.

Design options

Customize the look and feel of your job board. You control the colors, logo, and wording. More options soon.

Payment options

Control the price companies pay for posting jobs on your job board. You get paid directly through Stripe.

No code

Set up a fully-functional job board without writing a line of code. Spend your time doing fun things.

Custom domains

Bring your custom domain to Job Boardly. It's simple to setup. If you don't have one, that's okay too.

Real support

Feel supported, we're here to help. When you send us an email a real-life human will respond back.

Launch your job board today.

A fully-functional fully job board, for free.

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Use cases

There's room for everyone.

Tap into the profitable world of job boards.


Launch a job board to help your audience find relevent job opportunities.


Launch a job board to help your customers fill their positions.


Launch a job board to showcase your open positions in one location.


A pricing plan for any size.

Choose the best plan for your job board.


When you're ready to launch.

$0 /mo

Choose plan

What's included

  • 10 active job posts
  • 100 email subscribers
  • 10% transaction fee
  • 48 hour response time


When you need a little more.

$49 /mo

Choose plan

What's included

  • 50 active job posts
  • 250 email subscribers
  • Job board analytics
  • 10% transaction fee
  • 24 hour response time


When it's time to scale up.

$119 /mo

Choose plan

What's included

  • 250 active job posts
  • 1000 email subscribers
  • Job board analytics
  • No transaction fees
  • Custom code
  • Priority response time


When you need the works.

$199 /mo

Choose plan

What's included

  • Unlimited active job posts
  • 10,000 email subscribers
  • Job board analytics
  • No transaction fees
  • Custom code
  • White label
  • Priority response time