About Job Boardly

We're two people dedicated to building products that help people. That's why we build Job Boardly. We want to help you make money connecting talent with opportunities.

  • Jason Charnes


    Jason is a Ruby developer, product builder, and co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast. His passion is building simple, beautiful products that help others reach their goals. Outside of building software he enjoys family time, the drama of being a Memphis Grizzlies fan, and pretending he's in a mid-2000s emo band.

  • Kyle Davidson


    Kyle's background is digital marketing & sales. He previously bootstrapped a 7-figure tour business, which he successfully exited in 2022. After selling his businesses he teamed up with Jason with a simple goal goal in mind -- Helping entrepreneurs start and scale their own online businesses with Job Boardly. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Kyle lives by one guiding principle... "The riches are in the niches."