Connecting an external payment provider

You can redirect your customers to pay for their job post on a third-party payment processor if you're unable to use Stripe. When your customers go to post a job they'll be redirected to your payment processor.


  • Turn off automatic approval to prevent unpaid posts from publishing.
    • Once you receive payment you can manually approve the post.
  • Even though only basic posts are available on Job Boardly (with third-party payments) you can sell promoted and featured posts on your payment link.
    • When you go to manually approve the post you can change the type to promoted or featured.


  • You cannot connect Stripe and use an external payment link.
  • Only basic jobs are available for sale with an external payment link.
  • We cannot redirect back to your job board on your behalf.
  • You cannot create coupons in Job Boardly.
  • You will not see external payments in Job Boardly.